Consistent with the Objectives of the American Inns of Court, the objectives of the San Diego Appellate Inn of Court are:

• To establish a society of judges, lawyers, legal educators, law students, and others, to promote excellence in appellate advocacy in accordance with the Professional Creed of the American Inns of Court;

• To foster greater understanding of and appreciation for the roles of appellate judges and lawyers in the adversary system of dispute resolution in American law, with particular emphasis on civics, civility, professionalism, and legal skills;

• To provide significant educational experience that will improve and enhance the abilities of lawyers as counselors and advocates and of judges as adjudicators and judicial administrators, particularly in the field of appellate practice;

• To promote interaction and collegiality among all legal professionals in order to minimize misapprehensions, misconceptions, and failures of communication that obstruct the effective practice of law;

• To facilitate the development of law students, recent law school graduates, and less experienced lawyers as skilled participants in the American court system, particularly in the field of appellate practice;

• To preserve and convey ethical values from one generation of legal professionals to the next; and

• To build upon the genius and strengths of the common law and English Inns of Court and to renew and inspire joy and zest in legal advocacy as a service worthy of constant effort and learning.